The Balanced Producer Seminar: Financing & Selling Your Film in the Digital Age

Seminar Date & Time: October 15, 2011, 9am-5pm
Location: Los Angeles Film Studies Center
5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1615, Los Angeles, CA 90036
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This is the hands-on workshop many of you have been seeking and asking for to answer all your questions regarding financing your film. A full-day, detailed step-by-step guide to understanding all the financial sources for financing your film, and how to create all the tools necessary to close that financing: from business plans to financial projections to sizzle reels, and more.

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A sampling of the most requested Seminars are listed below.

Full Day Seminar

From Inception to Distribution: Finance and Sell Your Film in the Digital Age

Session One with Anne Marie Gillen, CEO of The Gillen Group will cover:

• The Seven Major Principles and Practices of successful independent film companies

• A model to track your target audience and comparable pictures and build your cash flow projections

• How to structure your Finance Plan – sources of financing & costs to the producer

Session Two with Maury Rogow, CEO of RipMedia Group will cover:

• Core social media strategies that help engage your target audience

• The Do’s and Don’ts of online marketing.

**Bonus: Free and low cost online tools to effectively manage your film project

1- 4 Hour Seminars

1. The Seven Major Principals and Practices Common Among the Film Industries Most Successful Producers. Power Point Presentation.

There is a small core of powerful independent production companies that know how to achieve their ultimate creative goals, locate their target audiences, and turn a profit on every picture they produce. They all apply these Seven Major Principles and Practices.

2. Your Most Important Financing Document: The Business Plan

A concise, thorough and compelling business plan is the essential document necessary to raise the funding to make your film. You must think like an investor to attract the investor. And you must give the investor all the tools he needs to make an informed decision.

3. Your Most Powerful Financing Tool: Financial Projections. Power Point Presentation.

Money In, Money Out, and Timing: these are the critical factors any investor will need to understand. This seminar will walk you through the process of building a waterfall and projections for your single picture or slate.

4. Your Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools: Ripamatic / Proof of Concept / Sizzle Reel. DVD samples

Film is a visual medium and when pitching your project to investors, distributors, “A” level talent and financiers, this remarkable tool will set the tone and communicate your film’s marketability and must-see factor.

5. Collection Accounts: How to Protect A-List Actors & Investors

A collection account manager is a Key Tool to protect all investors and assist the producer in securing A-List Talent. The exploitation of film generates numerous revenue streams from countries worldwide, which need to be allocated and paid to financiers, producers, sales agents and other actors. A Collection Account Manager computes revenue streams, provides the relevant parties with regular reports and splits revenues between each party in accordance with their contractually agreed entitlement.

6. The Art of the Pitch

Have a fantastic screenplay, novel or treatment, but don’t know how to get it into the right hands? Writers and filmmakers always face the challenge of having less than 60 seconds to convince powerful people to look at their work. During this hands-on workshop, producer Anne Marie Gillen will show you how to convince them to read your material.

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