Thank you to the Miami, Silicon Valley, and CIO for the news on our whiteboard animation

The team at Rip Media would like to thank many magazines and newspapers for publishing an article about our whiteboard animation work with a wonderful organization, called The LIA Conference.  Carrie Kish, the CEO, is amazing, we encourage you to have her organization help yours.

It is wonderful to have nationwide recognition.  Thank you to LIA for being such a wonderful partner, and amazing to work with.

The Miami Herald
Silicon Valley’s Mercury News


LOS ANGELES, CA, June 29, 2012 / — Start-up, Leadership in Action (LIA), is finding success using corporate video with whiteboard animation and motion graphic animation to quickly explain who they are and what they are working to accomplish. Their first conference is in the fall and the leadership recognizes it takes months to build an audience and has found video to be the best tool to get the message out.

LIA Conference Founder, Carrie Kish, pleased with Rip Media’s approach to video production explains, “It’s so much better than we could have even asked for! The quality of the service Rip Media provides continues to completely knock our socks off!” site developer, Brian Cuda, added, “This corporate animation tells the story to the visitor very clearly and efficiently. We are seeing longer pageviews and increased conversions since the introduction of motion graphics.”

To learn more about LIA Conference and see the amazing videos visit:

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Here is the video:



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