Hitch Radio Partners with Rip Media Group Marketing Video Division to Create Whiteboard Animation and Content Marketing

Hitch Radio

Rip Media Group, a leader in corporate introduction explainer videos and online marketing, announces new customer partnership with Hitch Radio.

Hitch Radio was referred to Rip Media Group to create compelling introduction videos while communicating the key benefits of the online aggregated Radio site. Hitch Radio is the unique real-time search engine for over 20,000 real radio stations around the globe, whose key mission is to liberate the human spirit by real-time indexing every Radio station on the planet on one globally accessible social platform to make independent information, thinking and art more accessible to all people.

Hitch Radio also has the unique ability to allow listeners to share the live stream they “Hitch” in real-time with other friends and fans (Hitchers) via Twitter and Facebook (for a group listening experience) to become a “Driver” and change the dial for their Hitchers remotely.

Through a collaborative process, Hitch Radio and Rip Media developed creative videos showing the common challenges encountered by consumers trying to find the right song, news, sports and talk on local radio while being able to share that stream, directly on a website or social media profile. See one such video here: https://ripmediagroup.com/locations/california/hitch-radio-whiteboard-explainer-video .

“Working with Rip Media was an amazing experience,” says Ayinde Alakoye, CEO and Founder for Hitch Radio. “This was not our first product launch, but it was the easiest. The Rip Media Group team took the time to learn our business and created wonderful marketing tools for us. They even have a customer focused, easy to use project management plan to keep everything moving forward, on time, and directly on budget.”

With ever shortening attention spans, brands are turning to entertaining video, animated ads and compelling content to turn complex concepts into simple stories the marketplace can understand. “We are proud of the videos we created together and plan to work with Maury and his team on more projects in the future,” says Mr. Alakoye.

Businesses looking to learn more about animated whiteboard animation videos and online marketing should contact Rip Media Group at 888.899.8910. Radio stations, emerging artists and advertisers looking to grow their audiences should go to their desktops for Hitch Radio.com and click on the “Help” button.

Hitch Radio is democratizing access to broadcast Radio globally. Search live Radio broadcasts to Hitch-a-Ride on one of 20,000+ networked Radio stations playing what you want to hear at this moment and invite your friends along via Facebook and Twitter to become their Driver to discover music, sports, news, talk & DJ’s together as you change their dial remotely in real-time!

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