How Querium Is Helping Students Reach New Levels With Rip Media Group Video Marketing

Rip Media Group, a leader in corporate introduction explainer videos and online marketing, would like to announce a partnership with Querium, an education platform.

Patti Smith was introduced to Rip Media Group to create compelling introduction videos to explain the importance of preparing for the TSI college placement exam. “The goal was clear for us, in 90 seconds we wanted people to understand what our value, and how we can help students. Maury and his team delivered…again.

Querium who launched just 30 days ago is using the video, website, and social media so effectively help students prepare for the mandatory TSI test in Texas. With ever shortening attention spans, brands are turning to entertaining video, animated ads, clean responsive websites, and compelling content to turn complex concepts into simple stories the marketplace can understand.

Businesses looking to learn more about animated whiteboard animation videos and online marketing should contact Rip Media Group at 888.899.8910. Radio stations, emerging artists and advertisers looking to grow their audiences should go to their desktops for Hitch and click on the “Help” button.