Rip Media Group Marketing Video Division Creates Obama Care / Affordable Care Act Explainer Video Animation

Character Animation for Obamacare

(In Spanish, English, and Interactive)

Rip Media Group, a leader in corporate introduction explainer videos and online marketing, announces new customer and video production for the 9,000 community health centers across the United States.

The association for the centers was referred to Rip Media Group to create compelling introduction videos while communicating the key points of what to do next, especially now that the site is overloaded with traffic.

Through a collaborative process, the client and Rip Media developed creative videos showing the common challenges encountered by consumers trying to find the right location, news, and website. One such video can be seen here in Spanish: Rip media created videos:

  • In English
  • In Spanish
  • Subtitled in both languages
  • Interactive versions with click through links to the proper health care facilities

“Working with Rip Media was an amazing experience.” said the client, ” Rip Media Group team took the time to learn our situation, and created a wonderful set of tools for us.”

With ever shortening attention spans, brands are turning to entertaining video, animated ads and compelling content to turn complex concepts into simple stories the marketplace can understand.

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