Rip Media Group Video Acquires Internet Marketing Firm

Rip Media Group, a leader in corporate whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, explainer videos and demo videos, announces absorption of a private internet marketing firm to produce branded content for its growing customer base.

Rip Media Group has been contracted to create compelling and entertaining experiences for clients, while communicating the key product for client brands. By absorbing the assets and talent into Rip Media Group, clients will be able to operate more efficiently and profitably by utilizing Rip Media for Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, Content Marketing, Creative Design, as well as traffic reporting services like Rip Customer Tracker.

Through a collaborative process, Rip Media Group and the firm have developed a creative collaboration over the past 18 months, which has led to the absorption of the smaller firm.

Customers have commented on the combined team: “Working with Rip Media was perfect,” said Jeff Groenke, Vice President of Sales for Cheetah Systems.” “The Rip Media team learned about our business, and uses an amazingly easy to use system to keep the project moving, on time, budget, and added amazing creativity.”

“With ever shortening attention spans, brands are turning to Info Graphics, Videos, Blog Writing, and intelligent content creation to turn complex concepts into simple stories the marketplace can understand. Rip Media Group will now be offering all these services under one roof, and help our clients grow to the next level,” said Maury Rogow, President of Rip Media Group. A video explaining the full suite of services has been created, .

Businesses looking to learn more about whiteboard animation videos and Internet marketing should contact Rip Media Group at 888.899.8910.

Rip Media Group was founded to developed creative, visual, and compelling campaigns that result in record setting growth. RipMedia focuses on increasing client sales, creating demand, and generating growth in companies as well as charitable organizations.

Rip Media Groups’ mission is to expand your business with integrated marketing: live action and animation video, and integrate website optimization, and social media marketing.