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I recently spoke about my Masterclass deal with some press outlets, and I love how they summed up the class.

What do you think of this? 

Every Brand Story has rules.

They said “In an era of shrinking budgets and growing need for

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Promo videos

Popular Social Media Campaigns

Our list of the most compelling social media marketing campaigns of 2012 continues with an exploration of companies who “out-pinned” the competition. Yes, we’re talking Pinterest.

Encourage User-Generated Content

The Campaign: British Midland International’s Pinterest Lottery

The Goal: To increase interest in and

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Most Popular Social Media Campaigns: Part 3 of 4

Tips for High Ranking SEO

What are the two largest hurdles facing start-ups? Easy: capital and visibility. Traditionally, the first would directly impact the second, and businesses with no budget for expensive marketing campaigns would be left undiscovered by consumers and unable to generate revenue.

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Google’s Tips for High Ranking SEO Marketing


What do consumers want in a sales pitch? A simple, straightforward description of the product or service, and an explanation of how it will make their life better. Recently exploding onto the digital marketing arena, an explainer video is the

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The 4 Focal Points of an Explainer Video


These days, digital marketing strategies should almost always consider production of a marketing video. Across the board, investment in online video is up, and with good reason. Read on to see how big-name websites like Wikipedia are getting in on

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Wikipedia, Meet the Marketing Video