Video Marketing Minute: How to Make a Video Go Viral

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I joined Andy Glickman for another episode of Video Marketing Minute and to answer another listener/viewer question.  This week’s question was about making a video go viral.  Have a listen, or read, of our conversation.


HOST:  How can I make my video go viral?

MAURY: You want to make a video go viral? Everybody wants their video to go viral. So there’s two ways – two big ways. First, there’s the “make your video go viral globally” and then there’s “make your video go viral within your market space.” We actually work in the second so we know a whole lot about that.

    • So making a video go viral within your market doesn’t mean that everybody’s grandma and niece and cousin are gonna be talking about it, but within your market space, your customers are talking about it. That’s a really really good thing so that way you can sell more things. This is more of a b2c, b2b kind of conversation. Same things work for both going wide globally and within your market space.
    • One, the topic that you bring up has to be topical, has to be timely. So you have to talk about something that’s happening right now. It’s in the news, it’s happening. Maybe it’s a hurricane, maybe it’s the Chewbacca mass that came out, maybe it’s a new product, but it’s related to something that’s happening right now. That’s a big key; that it’s topical.
    • The second point is you have to use emotion in the video story itself. So you can generate these in terms that you hear me talk about all the time. It’s our acronym called the STUFF, and that is your video must be S sexy or sizzle in some way; it must be T touching or bring out nostalgia, touch the heart; U it’s got to be unique. You can’t be a copycat. Your video can go viral if you’re copying a viral video but it’s never gonna get to be bigger. It’s not gonna be the original version. The original always does better than the copycat versions. Funny is the best way to go viral, so F funny; and the last F is fear. If you can deliver fear into the hearts and minds.

I can give some examples of each of these that we’ve done and other companies have done that have created virality in the videos and the hundreds of thousands of millions or even billions of views. 

One more thing before we go, and this is beyond the marketing minute that you wanted here, but boosting the videos via ads. Now back three, five, seven, ten years ago videos were going viral on their own. But now if you have a product attached to it you’ve got to boost it. And some of these companies are boosting with five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand dollars worth of ad spend so that’s another way today to really get a video to take off. You don’t have to do that but that’s really what’s happening in today’s market. Whether you think they were boosted or not if you’re seeing millions and millions of views very likely there’s a lot of money behind it getting it in front of your eyeballs.


Agree with what I had to say about making a video go viral?  Do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to share?

If you want more information on making a viral video or any other questions about video marketing, we’ll be happy to share our thoughts.  Contact Rip Media Group today.

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