5 SEO Top Tips For Boosting Your Video Production

Tips for Boosting Your Video Production

You’ve engaged Rip Media Group to create your explainer video production. You’re really pleased with the results and now you can’t wait for the world to start watching. Oh. Wait. So how do you get the world to sit up and notice? How does Google find and rank your video? We’ve put some SEO-driven marketing tips for your video production that should help!

News Releases – Newsletters and news releases are great ways to spread information. If you insert your video production into the news release, odds are a lot more people are going to see it. Not only that, Google sees videos as rich media which means your ranking will go up.

Transcriptions – Posting your video production to YouTube is one thing; adding a transcript to it is another. They make it easier for Google to find and then index your video production content. Basically, this means that your transcripts make your video more viewable for robots – which again means your ranking will get the boost it needs.

Pinterest – Here’s a little secret; Pinterest, with its 4 million daily uniques, is a lot more versatile than most of us think. First off, did you know you could post videos to Pinterest? You can. Secondly, did you know that Pinterest is highly ranked by Google – so again, simply by posting your video production to a Pinterest board, you get a better chance of boosting your search engine rankings. Good ol’ Google!

Tutorials – Along with your original video production, have you thought about creating small tutorials? The tutorial builds a relationship with you and your potential clients. But just as importantly they’re a great way of getting into search engines for the types of products or services you’re trying to sell.

Video Sitemap – Another way to let Google know of your video production is putting together a video sitemap for your site. By doing this, you stop telling visitors to go to, say, YouTube. Instead, Google will be able to find and index your videos.

So make Google your friend by following these simple tips! This blog is just another way Rip Media Group helps your process; from creating a video that tells your story to showing you how to promote it.

Remember – your story starts here!