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What Video Do You Need? This really depends on one thing:

Where your customers are in the buying journey?

The closer to the beginning of the buying cycle they are, the more you need to answer the question “WHY?” as in, ‘WHY

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Rip Media Group, a leader in corporate whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, explainer videos and demo videos, announces absorption of a private internet marketing firm to produce branded content for its growing customer base.

Rip Media Group has been contracted to create compelling and

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Rip Media Group Video Acquires Internet Marketing Firm

Hollyshorts Festival

The president of Rip Media Group Maury Rogow is speaking at The Hollyshorts Film Festival today! The 9th annual event will be showcasing the worlds best and brightest short films produced in 30 minutes or less.

Hollyshorts Festival August 15-22

3 Ways to Create Your Video Marketing

You have decided to take your promotional efforts to a new level and engage in video marketing. That’s great! According to the BIA Kelsey Group, video watchers are twice as likely to ask for more information after watching a video

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3 Ways to Create Your Video Marketing