June 10, 2021
Catch a Limit of Fish

For an Effective Explainer Video, Every Millisecond Matters

In an astute marketing move, you convince your company to produce an explainer video for its product or service. The marketing video agency is selected, the […]
June 10, 2021
Featured Video Play Icon

Rip Media Group – Office Turtle Transformation (Hand-drawn Animation Explainer Video)

We came across the people at NetApp on a Qora where they were looking for an innovative video production company. We told him about several options […]
June 10, 2021
Tour of Whiteboard Animation

Is Whiteboard Animation Here to Stay, or Is it Just a Trend?

Like the fashion industry, housing remodel or car feature, video marketing has trends. When whiteboard animation as we know it came on the scene, businesses saw […]
June 10, 2021
Whiteboard Animation

Building Your Own Whiteboard Animation Studio? Read This.

Whiteboard Animation is trending for corporate and industrial videos. I’m not surprised; their fun, engaging and memorable. Now, there are a plethora of people who think […]
June 10, 2021
Interactive Video Production

Making Interactive Video Productions Work For You

You’re an intelligent person. In fact, you’re most likely looking for something new; something to take your company to the next level, right? Here at Rip […]
June 10, 2021
Whiteboard Animation Videos

How are Whiteboard Animation Videos Helping the Medical Community?

I remember what it was like when my baby was born…I was over-joyed and overwhelmed all at the same time. Without warning, my parental instincts kicked […]
June 10, 2021
Website With Whiteboard Animation

Why Whiteboard Animation Videos are Effective Marketing Videos

When you hear the words “marketing video”, the first thing you may think of might be “whiteboard animation videos”, while others think of motion graphic animation […]
June 10, 2021
Whiteboard Animation is Dead

Cheap Whiteboard Animation Is Dead. Long Live Story! (Part 2)

A short while ago we posted a blog that boldly – with tongue firmly buried in cheek – proclaimed that  ‘whiteboard animation is dead’.   We’ve had […]
June 10, 2021
Video Production Instagram

How To Market Your Video Production On Instagram

According to comScore, 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video.  But how do you get your videos out there? […]
June 10, 2021
Featured Video Play Icon

EMDR for National Center for PTSD (Whiteboard Animation)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD, has unfortunately become a common malady in our society.  And it’s not just reserved for combat veterans. […]
June 10, 2021
Mobile Video Content

3 Big Don’ts for Mobile Video Content and Advertising

Moving your video marketing strategy into mobile? Before you do, make sure you’re not about to commit one of the three cardinal mistakes that mobile video […]
June 10, 2021
Halloween Spookiness with Whiteboard Animation

Marketing Videos and Halloween Spookiness

Is Your Marketing Video a Trick or a Treat? As the undead rise on All Hallow’s Eve, so should your story! Like a vampire thirsting for blood, […]
June 10, 2021
Tips for Content Marketing

5 Tips for Content Marketing via Intro Video

5 Tips for Content Marketing via Intro Video Content marketing is a buzz phrase for a reason – it’s the new key to consumers. When you […]
May 22, 2021

Using Whiteboard Animation to Sell – and Educate – the Tandem Diabetes Way

Why use a whiteboard animation video to educate people about diabetes and diabetes-related issues? Well, according to the CDC, in the United States…  Over 34,000,000 people […]
November 30, 2020
Featured Video Play Icon

Whiteboard Video Animation for Delta Dental

Delta Dental of Washington (DDWA) connected with Rip Media Group for a whiteboard video animation to explain their new fee modeling structure.  In 2020, DDWA rolled […]


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