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Rip Media Group is an multimedia marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation and live video ‘explainer videos’ and promotes them via digital and social media marketing.

The 6-part blog series celebrating the best techniques for producing animated video and product video for business – ‘explainer video’, a ‘product video’, ‘marketing video’ – is now a click away.

Just click request the consolidated document, or, read each of the 6 parts in our blog:, or, wait for The Sales Force (book) that has many more secrets to promoting your brand.


When you’ve made it through all six steps of writing a successful script, then you may very well have an amazing, rock-your-socks-off motion graphic animation or live video on your hands…or…do you want to produce a movie now??

If you feel you do, don’t waste another moment! Let’s get it produced, and share it with your audience!

And good luck!

If you would like help producing, our  team would love to help.  Just reach out to us at:  We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation /speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.

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