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Corcentric has been a client of Rip Media Group for a while now. About every six months or so, they come to Rip for a video or two to help them launch a new product or get the word out. 

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Quality Video Marketing

These days, people take camera-equipped phones everywhere. They’re ready to shoot as soon as they see a puppy riding in a baby stroller, a pigeon carrying a piece of pizza or anything else that’s mildly amusing.

As videos are ubiquitous, corporate

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Quality Video Marketing: Worth Every Penny

Why do Corporate Videos Fail

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering making a corporate video for your business. Many businesses have found great success as a result of this mode of information delivery, but not every video proves to be successful. Don’t be

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Why Do Corporate Videos Fail?

Video Marketing Wins

If you’re considering investing in video marketing to scale your corporate growth strategy, 2017 is the year for you. Video marketing promises more opportunities than ever before as technology continues to generate graphic, design and storytelling options. We’ve tracked the

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In 2017, Video Marketing Wins

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

I frequently talk to potential clients who aren’t sure why corporate video production is a good thing. Especially if they do most of their social media marketing in-house, they may wonder why they shouldn’t make their videos in-house, too.

But, the

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The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Guide to Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are a must for today’s B2B content. People are busy: when they’re running their own business or facing a deadline from their boss, they want to know what you do, how you do it and why they should

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A Quick Guide to Explainer Videos

Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Have you ever visited a company’s website only to be left unsure what they do? I recently visited a website for a company that I thought resurfaced the inside of concrete pools. I looked around on the website for a

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3 Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Making a Video for a Goldfish

Do you ever find it difficult to concentrate on one thing without stopping to check…oh look, a butterfly!

Sorry, where were we? Oh yes. Do you find it hard to concentrate on completing a task effectively without checking your email or

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Making Video For A Goldfish

When to Consider Video Marketing

Many of my clients come to me wondering when it’s time to consider a video marketing campaign for their company. Video is a terrific medium for spreading a message, but not every idea is tailor-made for video — at least,

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When to Consider Video Marketing

Test Your Video Productions

Right now, you might be sitting back and enjoying the new video production that just went up on your company’s website. Isn’t that whiteboard animation looking great? Or perhaps you went with motion graphics. That looks great too. But…. Wait.

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Test Your Video Productions – Or Else!