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Math is fun! Okay, not really (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

But thankfully it’s really useful in our everyday lives! Hmm. Not so much that either. Remind me again why we take math in school?

Wait, I know. Because sometimes

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motion graphic animation

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Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant? Wilt, Bill Russell, Kareem. Sorry, but the GOAT is LeBron. So enjoy him while he lasts. Yes, it’s a personal opinion and it’s certainly debatable using whatever metrics you can drum up. But if we’re talking

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LeBron James (and Your Video Marketing)

Tips for Video Production Marketing

You’re nervous. Not so nervous that people would notice but you’ve got a problem you’re dealing with and you need to figure it out. That problem is….video production marketing. Do you pull the trigger and spend the money for a

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Hot Tips For Video Production Marketing

Motion Graphics

I work with a lot of clients who don’t know what motion graphics are. They often confuse motion graphics with animation. But motion graphics are their own phenomenon, and this artistic field has its own distinctive styles and techniques.

While I

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All About Motion Graphics