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Whistle Messaging, a SaaS customer service platform that enables hotels to engage with their guests in real time via SMS and mobile messaging apps, reached out to Rip Media Group for video production of a promotional video.  We merged animation

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motion graphic animation

A pharma brand needed high quality video marketing  to help explain their new solution.

Simply put, there are drug products that are susceptible to both excessive humidity and extreme dryness so a standard desiccant won’t work.  That is the basic premise

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Motion Graphics Animation – Pharma

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Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant? Wilt, Bill Russell, Kareem. Sorry, but the GOAT is LeBron. So enjoy him while he lasts. Yes, it’s a personal opinion and it’s certainly debatable using whatever metrics you can drum up. But if we’re talking

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LeBron James (and Your Video Marketing)