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A pharma brand needed high quality video marketing  to help explain their new solution.

Simply put, there are drug products that are susceptible to both excessive humidity and extreme dryness so a standard desiccant won’t work.  That is the basic premise

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Whiteboard Video

When you think of whiteboard videos, the phrase “high-tech” might not leap to mind. After all, these marketing standbys have always had a decidedly simple visual style.

However, technology and whiteboard videos seem destined for one another. For one thing, Silicon

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The Marriage of Whiteboard Video and Technology

Whiteboard Animation

Some skills come to us naturally, like learning to walk, or speaking our first language. Other skills are more difficult to master — like technology.

New technology may be designed to be intuitive, but in practice it’s often anything but. Don’t

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Whiteboard Animation: Teaching Tech Simply

Video Tech

Hey Siri?  Remind me to post the new tech blog on Tuesday at 9am.

OK Google:  Please turn on my Youtube channel.

From Digital Assistants to the latest and greatest APPS; from Robot Vacs to self-driving cars, from Virtual Reality goggles to

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Oh the places Video Tech will go!

Trade Show Video

When you’re running a booth at a trade show, the event can go by in a blur. People keep coming in and out. You’re shaking hands. You’re giving out and receiving business cards. You’re making small talk almost constantly. Then,

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Video and Trade Shows: Peas in a Pod

Video Production Company

Everybody who’s presented at a trade show is familiar with the problem: passers-by are reluctant to engage. There’s a famous “two-foot bubble” around every booth, and people are very reluctant to move into it.

Your ability to successfully engage with customers

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Engaging Trade Show Traffic With Video

Attention Video

When you’re one of countless presenters at a convention, it’s hard to get attention. It’s discouraging to watch visitors mill past your booth, oblivious to your banner and brochures.  

How can you grab people’s attention and pull them into your

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Video Grabs Attention at Your Convention!

Animated Video

If you’re like a lot of people, you might think animation, or animated video, is kids’ stuff. How could animation lead to action — especially in the marketing or business world?

But these people sell animation short (so to speak!). Animation

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How Animated Video Leads to Action

Break Down the Barrier with Explainer Video

What barrier are we breaking? The imaginary wall around your Trade Show Booth!

That elusive 2 foot barrier, that bubble of space between ‘walk-past’ or ‘stop in’.  We hate that space!  Let’s move people from admiring to ENGAGING by breaking down

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Break Down The Barrier!

The Video Mirror Ball

Video is a mirror ball.  Let me back up that statement with a walk down memory lane. Do you remember your first school dance? Chances are high, it was inside a hot, sweaty gymnasium. Most likely, at the beginning of

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The Video Mirror Ball

Understanding Video Marketing

To excel at marketing, you have to understand your medium and its strengths. Video marketing is a medium unlike any other, and it has special benefits to the marketer. Read on to learn three characteristics that separate video from other

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Understanding Video Marketing

Explainer Video

Seamon approached Rip Media Group with a problem that their client, The National Institute of Health (NIH), was experiencing.  They have a great program that provides grants for small life science businesses, and they were having a hard time getting

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Seamon Corporation NIH Explainer Video