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Yes, you too can create an Epic Story for your company and your Video Marketing efforts, and it all starts with the tried and true Hero’s Journey. 

The Hero’s Journey is a common trope used in all storytelling, especially big time

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Call for Video Production

People often wonder how we here at Rip Media Group create award-winning, revenue-creating, awareness-raising video productions – you might be surprised to learn that it all starts with a call.

Your call!

To answer the question of what makes a great video

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Your Video Production Starts With Your Call

The Power of Story in Video Productions

We can’t stress enough how important story is in your video productions, no matter what it is you’re selling. In fact, here at Rip Media Group we think it’s probably the single-most important ingredient your video needs.

Fancy video production is one

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The Power Of Story In Video Productions

Why Video Productions go Viral

So you’ve got your excellent video production – most likely produced by Rip Media Group – but now what? It’s sitting on your landing page for the world to see, but the question is: where’s the world? Where’s that huge audience?

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Why Video Productions Go Viral